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CitizenM Test sleep Experience


Let’s be honest: test drives (generally) leave you wanting more. You’ve barely breathed in that new car smell when you’re forced to kill the engine. What if you could take that baby home for just a bit longer, with no commitment? Really stretch its legs. Freely enjoy the details; how it feels under your fingertips, how it hugs the curves of the road, what the leather feels like to your touch.


 We fully-booked citizenM Rotterdam with mobile citizens ready for a test drive “on steroids.” In exchange for one complimentary night’s stay we asked for their feedback, thoughts and insight. Our testers sipped on passionfruit martinis, blogged from the comfort of their room, socialised in the comfy living rooms, and documented their test sleep experiences by using #citizenMRotterdam on various social media channels. These “sleepy guinea pigs” were the first patrons at canteenM, the first to hunt for that inconspicuous hairdryer, the first to try out the famous MoodPad, and let us know if the view of Wit Huis (Europe’s first skyscraper) is as good as we know it is.

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Agency: Limelights
Art: Kevin Gozems & Guido Cilissen
Copy: Thomas van Asperen
Edit: Horacio Vasquez
Music: Rats on Rafts - Lalalala
Copy on this page: CitizenM

Thanks to the amazing content of the Test Sleepers:
Sabine de Witte (, Patrick Mulder (, Marcel van der Heijden, Alvin Lee (, Sarah van Hecken, Misha de Bok, Erika, Nathalie Paak, Anne-Marie Schmal, Danielle van der Waard, Moniek Kuipers, Monique Bluemink, Sander van Houdt, Sjerzdene (, David Benoit, Guido Pijper, Boaz Kemner, Tjeerd Melchers, Derk Zijlker, Hannah Lipowsky, Joost de Leij, Denni van Huis (

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