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Emails, WhatsApp messages, and any other social media postings. They are quick and fleeting. One glance, then you forget or delete them. But a postcard in your hand or posted on the refrigerator door is a glance away from remembering the gesture. And the affection that surrounds it.


Postcard writing is becoming a bit of a lost art. A craft for those of us who were lucky enough to learn about the importance of nice stationary, quality ink pens, and thoughtful prose from our mothers or grandmothers.

The serie is a tribute to those who were brave enough to write a message that might be interesting or downright embarrassing to read, but most assuredly will be welcomed by its unknown recipient, either in the next state or across many time zones on some other continent and place you and I can’t even begin to imagine. Those who mastered the craft of writing a postcard.

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