Brand activation



The Dutch hashtag #IKVIND, which translates as #IBELIEVE, is the name of an RNW Media publicity campaign. Two main purposes: create awareness about free speech among educated young people in the Netherlands and increase recognition for RNW Media on home soil.


The soundproof cabin has been put up in several public squares and parks in major Dutch cities, including Hilversum and Rotterdam. Speakers are communicating from a soundproof glass cabin. They are barely audible, unless the audience get very close to a set of RNW loudspeakers. All the texts are in some way related to RNW Media’s key themes: sexual rights, good governance, international justice and freedom of speech. 

The experience gave young people a taste of what it is like when their voices are not heard. Many youngsters have joined in. The various statementswere shared live on Facebook and, the platform of RNW Media, and translated to an on- and offline campaign by posters, billboards and social media postst.

Agencies: BrandBase & Yune
Client: RNW Media
Creatives: Kevin Gozems, Martijn van der Rijken & Marvin Pupping
Design: Jesse Post
Photography: BrandBase & RNW Media

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