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M&M’s airport activations

The M&M's Mobile Cinema

Come up with a new innovative idea to create more traffic to the M&M's duty free shops at some of the worlds biggest airports.

Travelers have a lot of time to kill at airports and are often bored.

Idea: The M&M's Mobile Cinema
M&M's offers entertainment with the M&M's Mobile Cinema. A movie theater on your own mobile device.

How does it work?
1. Buy a maxi. pouch of M&M's
2. Get your ticket with unique access code
3. Log on to the M&M's Mobile Cinema
4. Pick a movie
5. Have some fun

The M&M's Mega Beachball Summerpromo

The M&M's speakercase summerpromo

The M&M's airport shops

Agency: De Combinatie van Factoren
Creatives: Kevin Gozems en Chariva Zaandam
Account: Martijn Nillesen


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